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After we have analyzed the legalization of gay marriage, particularly about its good consequences and the reasons why it should be legalized, we have decided to provide you with some examples of writing about non-traditional love. It is always difficult to write an essay, as it requires a personal approach and subjective view on issues. Talking about an argumentative essay, the issue will also be contradictory in its nature, making the task much more challenging, because you are to choose one of the sides. Just be certain in your choice and it will work!

This is an actual advice on how to write a paper about gay marriages in a convincing manner, just follow us step-by-step with no doubt in your eyes. We have add a few examples and ideas below, but you can also search for some more prompts, for example here.

Step 1: Opening

After you have gathered the material, think of formulating the thesis. Which position would you like to comment? Do you consider gay marriage and its legalization as an appropriate action in modern society? Start with opening sentence strictly showing your position. Avoid ‘I would like to suggest’ or ‘I am against it though I do not really mind…’ You need to support the thesis with the arguments. How will you find them if there is no point to support? Each next paragraph should complement the previous one. Follow the rules of logic.

Step 2: Think of the Main Argument

Strong Arguments

For example, you are support homosexual couples, so express several opinions why. Those thoughts should revolve around one main and the most important argument. What about harmony in relationships? Explain why the same-sex couples have the same love ethics and attitude as the traditional couples:

Love has no gender. People of all genders may have the same tender attitude to any of other gender representatives. It is all about emotional sphere, not about the labels put by society.

Alternatively, show some arguments about the importance of having parents of different sex.

For the harmonious education of children, we need parents of both sexes. Otherwise, the child appears to have a shift in its worldview concerning one particular side.

Step 3: Your Attitude

Your Opinion

Step out the comfort zone and present what you think. Often, we are afraid of breaking the stereotypes about particular issues, so our paper may just repeat well-known facts. Do not be afraid to show your position, for example:

Barring homosexuals from entering into formal marriage forces to push them into “shadow sphere,” and thereby destroy the institution of marriage. I think that it is a huge problem for modern society. I am for the legalization of same-sex marriage.

After all, homosexuality is not a disease – it is a human condition. Why do we break people from the inside? If it is a matter of human biology and genetics, our ban actually violates human rights and freedom. If they want to be together and they are going to make a strong family, then what is the difference?

On the other hand:

I strongly disagree with the fact that same-sex marriages should be legalized. I believe that same-sex relationships are a psychological deviation, which must be combated. In fact, same-sex marriage is spoiling the society more and more. Homosexual people do not contribute to its further development; it weakens the members of this society, leads to its degradation and disturbance of cultural backgrounds.

Step 4: Illustrating Your Essay

It would be an unbelievable plus for your essay if you could provide some examples for illustrating your arguments. Of course, you may not be a friend of the same-sex couple; however, there are a lot of stories in social networks and magazines you can refer to. You can also make the hatred of the active fighters against same-sex marriages an object of your writing. Why do people hurt each other? Why do we have so much hate and disrespect towards these couples? Complete your arguments and thoughts with life stories and human experience.

Step 5: Concluding

Do not say in the end everything that has already been said in the main part. Simply list your arguments and remind the reader why you are support or oppose a particular position. After reading your paper, the reader should remain with a clear idea of what you want to say, what your position is and what evidence you see. Be honest, use arguments and then your essays will be complete success. If your goal is just to compare the arguments for and against, you can conclude in the following way:

Same-sex marriage is not only a social but, above all, a natural issue. In our lives, we focus on certain rules in order not to get lost. Those are defined in the law, set of unwritten moral restrictions, and customs. Therefore, according to all our laws, customs, and morality, a family is the union of a man and a woman. All other unions are considered to be a deviation from the norm for us, the anomaly. My position on this issue is loyalty. Everyone chooses their own path in life, and whatever the person chooses – even if it does not correspond to the commonly determined values – has a right to live, and we have to be understanding.

The arguments of both supporters and opponents of gay marriages are certainly subjective. Therefore, it is up to everyone to choose which side to support. The only thing that everyone is to remember about, is the need of mutual respect among the society’s members. The absence of it is a destructive force that triggers other negative processes and makes the well-being of people impossible.

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