Learning how to meditate using guided meditation cds is an option that appeals to many meditation beginners. The question is most often asked What are the best meditation cds for guided meditation? Many meditation cds explore a number of different guided meditation and relaxation techniques for many goals. Fortunately, the best meditation cds for guided meditation are readily available to the beginning meditation practitioner and very advanced technology to teach beginners how to meditate.

Learning how to meditate can improve and create a unique ability of internal observation. This ability to be an internal observer will help you notice certain body reactions such as tenseness and clenching of your jaw when you feel anxiety and stress. Once this behavior has been observed, and youve determined that it is not desirable, you can release the tension.

Lets explore a few of what are widely recognized as some of the best meditation cds for guided meditation for beginners.

Monroes Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience Waves

Hemi-sync Meditation CDs are a popular series of audible guided meditation aids for the beginning practitioner. There is a small field of meditation technology to show you what meditation feels like. Many people agree that in just a short time, levels of success can be achieved with meditation that would typically take months.

The term hemisync simply means hemispheric synchronization. Within this process your brainwaves are synched allowing you to enter a whole brain wave state. There have been many reputable studies published that have proven this is an optimal way of being for your brain. The Hemi-sync Gateway Waves are widely considered one of the best meditation cds aimed toward beginners.

Experience Meditation Today

This series of cds take a somewhat different approach than others using a calm, passive way to learn how to meditate. The process they use is called hemispheric synchronization that helps both sides of the brain synchronize with the other. The music these cds play create relaxing white noise, and in the background you hear calming tones that are heard by the brain. Those tones or hums then create a third tone that naturally guides you to a meditative state. They are considered amongst the best meditation cds for guided meditation along with the Hemi-Sync Gateway Waves.

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