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After discussing a moral point of gay marriages, we decided to find out about raising kids in gay families, because this is also an important point to be mentioned in your argumentative paper. No matter how we treat homosexuals, kids who are living with parents of the same sex have become a daily reality. New forms of partnerships, couples with kids from different marriages, and the development of artificial fertilization technology – all these changes lead to the fact that the number of these kids are growing bigger. As they live in unusual families, what do they think about their origin and their parents? Are they upset or happy? Do they care? Are they generally different from other kids? We present our comments and thoughts by analyzing different investigations. For more information click here!

Pointless Dispute

Endless Discussion

When the public raises the question (or its one aspect) about the education of kids in untraditional couples, most often it is discussed whether parents can form their child’s sexual preferences. Psychologists and sexologists support a negative answer. This is evidenced, for example, by the research of the psychologist Frederick Bozett and his colleagues, who have been studying kids raised in same-sex pairs for a very long time. Their conclusion is that homosexual kids are often raised in the heterosexual families.

Arguments Against

However, we could also argue that kids in heterosexual families increasingly become pilots, Nobel laureates or serial killers. All this is a pure truth. Firstly, because the number of heterosexual couples is immeasurably greater. Secondly, because the study of this topic started only when the phenomenon of same-sex families was discussed openly. That is in the 1980s. It is a very short period of time for such serious conclusions. For the same reasons, we could trust such studies if they claimed that kids in homosexual couples live even better than in usual ones or in single-parent families. We deeply concern that sometimes a sexual orientation is not a defining factor for child’s happiness. It depends on mental stability and loyalty of its parents.

Problems with Adoption

Adoption by Gays

Adoption of a child in any country is not easy. Prospective parents should meet the criteria that will ensure safe and happy childhood in the new family. At the same time, kids do not always meet the needs of a traditional family: the may be too old or have some health problems. Such high requirements to the both sides lead to the fact that many orphans continue to live in shelters and orphanages. Non-traditional couples are ready to adopt kids with problems and even teenagers who are still waiting for family love and support.


Today, with the legalization of untraditional marriage in the US and some other countries, things have changed. Enjoy it or not. In society, as expected, yet there is no consensus. A generation of kids raised in same-sex families only starts to get on their feet and maintain a truly independent life. So now it is possible to deeply explore and assess the impact of such “unusual” childhood on the development of the child’s personality.

Psychologists and psychiatrists are trying to predict the future of adopted kids. Mainly, we are talking about what is more traumatic for the baby: to have a family with same-sex family (mom and mom or dad and dad) or not to have a family at all. Also, an important point should be taken into account: homosexual families are more likely to take up the adoption of sufficient adults and kids with serious chronic illnesses, that is of kids whose chances to get into a family are very low.

The Kid’s Outlook

Of course, under such family conditions, kids may have different outlook on the traditional family. They can think that love has no boundaries, so they may create a family with any person. In its turn, it can cause some discomfort among people, as it ruins traditional understanding of family in which kids are born. Such values ruin the demographic situation as well.

Yes, we are able to love who we want. But then giving a birth will become an unnatural process. And What will we say about getting pregnant?

Arguments Based on Research Outcomes

Today a lot of research was carried out on this matter. Many people say that there are few differences between the kids being brought up by heterosexual and same-sex couples. It should be noted that many kids who are living in homosexual families are related to one of the spouses. Kids stay with their mom or dad after previous relationship fail or are born in the same-sex unions by means of artificial insemination.

For example, studies of same-sex couples and their kids in Germany (2008) showed that about 48% of those kids were born in a homosexual family and 44% kids were from a previous marriage. At the same time, 89% of same-sex couples in Germany live without kids, but many of them are seeking for a chance to adopt one.

Researchers argue that the influence of parents on the child in such families is more positive than in the heterosexual families. So, homosexual parents express considerably less anger to point at child’s mistakes and punish it for bad behavior. The atmosphere in such families is warmer. This allows kids to express themselves freely.

Same-Sex Marriage

It seems as though there is no difference whether you have a regular family or one with same-sex couples. It is a hard work of schoolteachers and educators in kindergartens to provide the same-sex family child with a friendly learning environment. Although the question “Is it good or bad for kids to live in same-sex families?” still is not solved, every adult can answer for themselves what is better: to be an orphan, or to have foster homosexual parents.

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