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We often follow stereotypes and prejudice it terms of gay marriages, non-traditional love, and relationships between people in general. Moreover, we are afraid of expressing our own thoughts and opinions, as we do not want to be criticized. However, many people, who have the so-called non-traditional sexual orientation, suffer from the silence we keep. Having a voice in such controversial questions helps them to not be ashamed of themselves, to feel normal and ordinary, to have the same rights.

Such benefits are provided in few countries, however. Gay marriages are not supported and people have to hide their inner feelings by faking them and pretending to be completely different from who they really want to be.

This article is dedicated to the issue of gay marriages and you can use it for writing your own essay on the similar topic. We will analyze it from the moral point of view and provide some brief views and facts that will help you to form your opinion. For more information, click here.

Is That “Unnatural”?

When people talk about the abnormality of gay marriage, they forget that the rule is largely determined by culture rather than by innate human nature. Throughout the history of our species, the family institution has had the features that would seem terrifying and immoral for us nowadays. Moreover, we are always under the pressure of religion and society opinions. So, it can create an uncomfortable environment for people who consider love relationships in a different way.

Why Do We Reject Them?

Homosexuality appeared many years ago, in ancient times, when people only discovered their ability to feel sexual interest towards the human beings of their own sex. Historians are concerned that gays have appeared in the wild communities of people where the attitude towards woman was disrespectful; they could beat and even eat them. That is why, after they had killed almost every woman in their community, the homosexual relationships became an ordinary thing.

The appearance of lesbians is connected with Greek mythology.

If talking about today’s understanding of gays and lesbians, these terms appeared in 19th-20th centuries and became a part of science and psychology concepts that are investigated nowadays.

More Coverage

Many modern peoples of Oceania and Africa have avunculate relations: family units in which the education of the child is provided not by the father (who usually does not live with his mother), but by the uncle of the child. With the mother he is involved into the up-bringing. Among peoples of America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa sororate is an existing thing; it is a custom that means marrying several sisters.  The examples of incestuous are not so rare: Homer in the “Odyssey” gives us an example of the ideal family of the king, and his seven sons married to his seven daughters. So, marriage is a cultural, not a biological concept. However, “In the world there is no nation that would authorize the union between two men!” exclaim critics.

Psychological Difference

The psychologist Gregory Herek from California University analyzed the examples of dozens of pairs both homo- and heterosexual. He came to the conclusion that the basic psychological characteristics are quite similar: both sets of partners experience the same feelings. It does not matter what gender you identify yourself with, if you can express your care, and provide your sweetheart with an emotional support. A well-known researcher of the phenomenon of homosexuality, John Gottman, goes even further, claiming that partners in same-sex couples relate to each other in a much warmer way. Moreover, according to Herek, a measure of happiness that people feel in a marriage often does not relate to the sexual sphere completely, and the other factors also need to be taken into account.

Science Knows Too Little

Advocates of gay rights often use slogans instead of arguments based on scientific facts. “Same-sex marriage is as normal as marriage between a man and a woman,” “Children of the same-sex couple are as happy as of the ordinary one!” Fans of these “chants” usually do not have the psychological education and never read scientific articles on this subject. Even newspaper articles and popular books on the subject are often written by authors that are poorly versed in it.

The sociologist Steven Rhodes of the University of Virginia (USA) has studied dozens of publications on education for same-sex marriages and issued a disappointing verdict. First, he could not find a single article where one or several statements regarding the theory or education would be. Second, none of the articles can be called strictly appropriate due to scientific criteria. Meanwhile, science knows very little about the phenomenon of homosexuality and even less about how to behave with children raised in the same-sex families. After all, even in countries where same-sex marriages are legal, they have been legalized relatively recently, and scientists cannot have any detailed data concerning children brought up in such families.

Normal Specialization of the Sexes

Destruction of Traditions

The legalization of gay and lesbian marriages is another step in the destruction of the traditional gender roles that existed in the Stone Age, says the social researcher, Steve Nock. Studies show that men and women feel happier in their normal family unit. Marriages, where the roles cannot be settled at first (partners have to make a deal), appear more problematic, and develop the new way to destruct the old good order the people live in.

In addition, the destruction of the old gender roles will cause a huge number of “untamed” men in society who will avoid marriage simply because they feel uncomfortable in it. Such men will not be ready to build a career or to have children. They will lead an asocial life, and sooner or later they will become a growing threat to the society.

To conclude, the moral point of gay marriages is quite tricky. We can give a lot of arguments, historical and sociological investigations to protect such people; however, there is no doubt that they represent a different side of relationships, which can destroy the traditional ones.


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