Gay Marriages

After discussing the upbringing of the children in non-traditional families, we decided to go through bad consequences of having such issue as a homosexual couple in our world and its negative impact. What can be a problem for the society after legalizing the same-sex marriage? Is it about the personal life of each person? Is it up to a person to decide to whom he or she disposes his time, mind, and body? May the decision of two adults about their own personal lives cause damages? We have provided some reasons why society should not legalize homosexual “marriages.” You can find the answers to these questions here and cover the same in your essay paper. For more information, click here!

Historical Background

Throughout the mankind history, wedlock has always been a union of opposite sexes. So as a union of a man and a woman, it has always been the basis of the social relations and guarantee of its continuation. The government decided to put it under the special protection to ensure its prosperity and stability. Society always puts a strong emphasis on such a union, protecting it by law and tradition. For thousands of years, the world of religion put relationships between a man and a woman to the highest level. Based on this, past and current legislation at all levels – from the local to the United Nations Organization – does not reflect this principle and is not aimed at protecting marriage between the two sexes. This has a special meaning!

Unique Unit

Male and Female

Heterosexual marriage is unique in sexes’ biological inter-complementarity. What exactly is marriage? What does exactly make marriage unique and special among the various human relationships and alliances? It is the only kind of relationship, which naturally leads to the creation of a newborn human, and through the stability and mutual commitment ensure better conditions for the education and growth. Sexual difference is a key component of the marriage. Two homosexuals or two lesbians cannot create a newborn human. Even if one of the lesbians performs artificial insemination, it still requires male participation as a sperm donor. A child born through artificial insemination still has a biological father, regardless of knowing him or not.

The Best Place to Raise Children

Happy Family

The traditional family is the best place to raise kids, and therefore the country is obliged to maintain it as a model to follow. Recent research has shown that the traditional family leads to better results in the education of children and gives children a special “social benefits.” One thing remains indisputable: the traditional family as the fruit of a voluntary union between one man and one woman – union, which excludes other people – is the ideal place for loving spouses and stable upbringing of the children.

Weaken Positions

Forgery always has the potential to devalue the real thing. A society that divides the real meaning of marriage opens the door to cultural destruction. Fake marriage will lead to the legalization of infinite unions of any kind. As soon as society endorses and legitimizes a certain pattern of behavior, the future generation will inevitably accept this behavior as acceptable.

The Same Rights

All citizens of different sexual orientation have the same rights as the general population of the country. The rights to live, have property, freedom of expression, education, citizenship, work and free choice of employment, peaceful assembly, and association, recreation, and leisure – all these rights protect them equivalent to other people. Also, the right to marry a member of another sex is against the traditional family. These rights belong to humanity and entered into the international and local laws. They are the basis of the laws of all countries. However, homosexual activists are trying to achieve new “special” rights, which must be specifically “tied” by their way of life. They are looking for a special privileged status in law. As soon as someone does not agree with their radical approach, they begin to claim aggressively that they are discriminated in our modern and progressive world.

Redefining Marriage

Once a person begins to interfere and break the traditional definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, he opens the door to an unstoppable flow of chaos in human relations. The emergence of various new non-traditional family structures has become a matter of time. If everything is based only on the individual decision of “loving people,” why do not we legalize polygamy, if people want it? Then the Muslims, and especially Arabs, eloquently stated that if the definition of marriage can be changed so easily and unnecessarily, so why not to include the polygamy? They asked a poignant question: why do same-sex unions, which are innovation, receive the protection of the law, and historical issue of having several wives at the same time remains illegal? Well then, representatives of radical feminism and other religions declare that there should be some special rights as well for them. Why do not we legalize the “family” between the two men and three women, if all the participants want to?

Gives More Hate

The legalization of the same-sex “marriage” leads to discrimination against those who disagree with a homosexual lifestyle. Any opposition is interpreted as promoting “homophobia” and hate. There are many examples. People spread hate without seeing it only because somebody had another opinion. It destroys relationships and creates a gap between “us” and “them.” Though, there is no us and them. It is just a different side of understanding of the issue. Nevertheless, people still have misunderstandings and sometimes do not tolerate with the members of traditional or non-traditional relationships.

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