After discussing negative issues that appear due to gay marriages, we have decided to look at this problem from another point of view. Which benefits does gay marriage bring? To answer this question in your essay, it is necessary to begin to determine the attitude towards homosexuality in general. Modern science and sexology, in particular, converge the fact that it is not a disease and not an aberration, but a form of human sexual orientation, the equivalent of heterosexuality and bisexuality. It is impossible to “catch,” it is not related to sex or to gender, and it does not appear due to upbringing, environment, genetics, and characteristics of biological development, including the influence of hormonal factors. An exception is a situational homosexuality when the people preferring people of the same gender enter the relationships not on the basis of their sexual preferences but because of being in a same-sex environment where there is the only partner of the opposite sex. Nevertheless, how does it influence us in a positive way? For more information, click here!

Being a Member of Society

Gay Couple

That is why the law about “the promotion of homosexuality” is simply absurd: it is impossible to become a homosexual under the influence of fashion or suggestions of others. This means that people with nontraditional tastes should have the same fundamental rights as heterosexuals, including the right to legalize their connection. A popular position “we recognize you and do not touch, do whatever you want behind closed doors,” in fact, is very unfair in the boundaries of human rights. However, in the marriage, there is not only an ethical but also a legal side. The absence of a marriage certificate is able to create the same difficulties for same-sex couples as heterosexuals. The main problem is that if the partners are not married, they are not considered as members of the family unit from the law position and as the subjects of family connections.

Civil Unions

Scientists say that preference of people of the same gender destroys the institution of family by causing a negative impact even on the frequency of unions between male and female. As it turned out, gay marriage has a really negative effect on the desire of women and men to enter into a formal marriage. However, in reality, we are talking about marriages that were recorded, but the civil unions are not influenced by it. In other words, the institution of marriage is not destroyed – it just transforms from a legally registered union in the status of “daily routine,” where the partners are free to decide when their relationships may lose all the power. In 2012, Scott Titshaw, a professor of Mercer University School of Law, established that civil marriage is applied in the United States precisely because it is an example of the mass of homosexual unions, which the government simply does not legit. Barring homosexuals from entering into formal connection is conservative and it forces to push them into the “shadow sphere” and thus destroy the institution of legal unit among heterosexuals.

Will It Destroy Us?

Supporters of the same-sex relations say that if we officially recognize such unions, it will not impact a normal family but only will allow the public to keep up with the times by taking irreversible changes for granted. Also, there is a perception that the legalization of such unions can have a positive impact on the economy. According to research at the University of Los Angeles, people preferring others of the same gender for relationshops earn 20% more than their counterparts with a traditional orientation – and therefore spend more. By the way, wedding in unions where both “participants” are of the same gender is more expensive (at least by 10%) than in ordinary families.

Marriage for Rights

Gaining Rights

Gays also claim that the bills will give them desired opportunity to become a full-fledged part of society. However, in most countries of the world, gay relationships are not prohibited and are not allowed legally at the same time, and their recognition on the legislative level is unlikely to significantly affect the views of the majority. Legal registration is necessary for today’s society for having many rules: to gain property and inheritance, to be a parent and have many other rights, without which it is very difficult to be a full member of society – so for “non-traditional” activists, there is something to fight for.

Need of Registration

Gays also, as well as heterosexuals, need to register a wedlock. Sometimes same-sex couples need it even more than the opposite-sex ones. Typically, homosexual units are not very strong, which is understandable: in a heterosexual union, there are two different origins – male and female, which compensate and counterbalance each other. The same-sex unions are deprived of this. However, the certificate provides not only property rights but also takes away the pressure of psychological commitment. Therefore, registration could keep many homosexual couples from breaking up.

Stop Discriminating

They struggle for having a respect for human rights in their connections In other words, it is against discrimination. Activists point out that the ban on the registration of the homosexual marriage violates the equality of citizens. Pre-existing prohibitions on the registration of marriages between people of different races, religions or social groups have been canceled long ago as an old-fashioned ban that does not match the development of society. Nowadays, they believe it is the time to review the intolerant conservative attitude towards gay marriage. LGBT activists believe that the attitude towards their movement, in general, is discriminative, and the agreement with the same-sex marriage is a real indicator of the level of civilization of a particular society in which they respect all human rights not selectively.

The growing prospects of gay units and the increase of cases of non-traditional alliances public figures make us think that the public does not ban such decisions.  According to forecasts of the Forbes magazine, the recognition of marriages for people of the same gender around the world will increase and it will be a natural phenomenon among men due to women’s lack. After analyzing all the issues, we see that having a “connection” certificate may be very important for gay couples and bring benefits for their life and the life of the country.

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