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Writing About Gay Marriages: Giving the Example

Essay Paper

After we have analyzed the legalization of gay marriage, particularly about its good consequences and the reasons why it should be legalized, we have decided to provide you with some examples of writing about non-traditional love. It is always difficult to write an essay, as it requires a personal approach and subjective view on issues. Talking about an argumentative essay, the issue will also be contradictory in its nature, making the task much more challenging, because you are to choose one of the sides. Just be certain in your choice and it will work!

This is an actual advice on how to write a paper about gay marriages in a convincing manner, just follow us step-by-step with no doubt in your eyes. We have add a few examples and ideas below, but you can also search for some more prompts, for example here.

Step 1: Opening

After you have gathered the material, think of formulating the thesis. Which position would you like to comment? Do you consider gay marriage and its legalization as an appropriate action in modern society? Start with opening sentence strictly showing your position. Avoid ‘I would like to suggest’ or ‘I am against it though I do not really mind…’ You need to support the thesis with the arguments. How will you find them if there is no point to support? Each next paragraph should complement the previous one. Follow the rules of logic.

Step 2: Think of the Main Argument

Strong Arguments

For example, you are support homosexual couples, so express several opinions why. Those thoughts should revolve around one main and the most important argument. What about harmony in relationships? Explain why the same-sex couples have the same love ethics and attitude as the traditional couples:

Love has no gender. People of all genders may have the same tender attitude to any of other gender representatives. It is all about emotional sphere, not about the labels put by society.

Alternatively, show some arguments about the importance of having parents of different sex.

For the harmonious education of children, we need parents of both sexes. Otherwise, the child appears to have a shift in its worldview concerning one particular side.

Step 3: Your Attitude

Your Opinion

Step out the comfort zone and present what you think. Often, we are afraid of breaking the stereotypes about particular issues, so our paper may just repeat well-known facts. Do not be afraid to show your position, for example:

Barring homosexuals from entering into formal marriage forces to push them into “shadow sphere,” and thereby destroy the institution of marriage. I think that it is a huge problem for modern society. I am for the legalization of same-sex marriage.

After all, homosexuality is not a disease – it is a human condition. Why do we break people from the inside? If it is a matter of human biology and genetics, our ban actually violates human rights and freedom. If they want to be together and they are going to make a strong family, then what is the difference?

On the other hand:

I strongly disagree with the fact that same-sex marriages should be legalized. I believe that same-sex relationships are a psychological deviation, which must be combated. In fact, same-sex marriage is spoiling the society more and more. Homosexual people do not contribute to its further development; it weakens the members of this society, leads to its degradation and disturbance of cultural backgrounds.

Step 4: Illustrating Your Essay

It would be an unbelievable plus for your essay if you could provide some examples for illustrating your arguments. Of course, you may not be a friend of the same-sex couple; however, there are a lot of stories in social networks and magazines you can refer to. You can also make the hatred of the active fighters against same-sex marriages an object of your writing. Why do people hurt each other? Why do we have so much hate and disrespect towards these couples? Complete your arguments and thoughts with life stories and human experience.

Step 5: Concluding

Do not say in the end everything that has already been said in the main part. Simply list your arguments and remind the reader why you are support or oppose a particular position. After reading your paper, the reader should remain with a clear idea of what you want to say, what your position is and what evidence you see. Be honest, use arguments and then your essays will be complete success. If your goal is just to compare the arguments for and against, you can conclude in the following way:

Same-sex marriage is not only a social but, above all, a natural issue. In our lives, we focus on certain rules in order not to get lost. Those are defined in the law, set of unwritten moral restrictions, and customs. Therefore, according to all our laws, customs, and morality, a family is the union of a man and a woman. All other unions are considered to be a deviation from the norm for us, the anomaly. My position on this issue is loyalty. Everyone chooses their own path in life, and whatever the person chooses – even if it does not correspond to the commonly determined values – has a right to live, and we have to be understanding.

The arguments of both supporters and opponents of gay marriages are certainly subjective. Therefore, it is up to everyone to choose which side to support. The only thing that everyone is to remember about, is the need of mutual respect among the society’s members. The absence of it is a destructive force that triggers other negative processes and makes the well-being of people impossible.

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Benefits of Gay Marriages: Ideas on Issue


After discussing negative issues that appear due to gay marriages, we have decided to look at this problem from another point of view. Which benefits does gay marriage bring? To answer this question in your essay, it is necessary to begin to determine the attitude towards homosexuality in general. Modern science and sexology, in particular, converge the fact that it is not a disease and not an aberration, but a form of human sexual orientation, the equivalent of heterosexuality and bisexuality. It is impossible to “catch,” it is not related to sex or to gender, and it does not appear due to upbringing, environment, genetics, and characteristics of biological development, including the influence of hormonal factors. An exception is a situational homosexuality when the people preferring people of the same gender enter the relationships not on the basis of their sexual preferences but because of being in a same-sex environment where there is the only partner of the opposite sex. Nevertheless, how does it influence us in a positive way? For more information, click here!

Being a Member of Society

Gay Couple

That is why the law about “the promotion of homosexuality” is simply absurd: it is impossible to become a homosexual under the influence of fashion or suggestions of others. This means that people with nontraditional tastes should have the same fundamental rights as heterosexuals, including the right to legalize their connection. A popular position “we recognize you and do not touch, do whatever you want behind closed doors,” in fact, is very unfair in the boundaries of human rights. However, in the marriage, there is not only an ethical but also a legal side. The absence of a marriage certificate is able to create the same difficulties for same-sex couples as heterosexuals. The main problem is that if the partners are not married, they are not considered as members of the family unit from the law position and as the subjects of family connections.

Civil Unions

Scientists say that preference of people of the same gender destroys the institution of family by causing a negative impact even on the frequency of unions between male and female. As it turned out, gay marriage has a really negative effect on the desire of women and men to enter into a formal marriage. However, in reality, we are talking about marriages that were recorded, but the civil unions are not influenced by it. In other words, the institution of marriage is not destroyed – it just transforms from a legally registered union in the status of “daily routine,” where the partners are free to decide when their relationships may lose all the power. In 2012, Scott Titshaw, a professor of Mercer University School of Law, established that civil marriage is applied in the United States precisely because it is an example of the mass of homosexual unions, which the government simply does not legit. Barring homosexuals from entering into formal connection is conservative and it forces to push them into the “shadow sphere” and thus destroy the institution of legal unit among heterosexuals.

Will It Destroy Us?

Supporters of the same-sex relations say that if we officially recognize such unions, it will not impact a normal family but only will allow the public to keep up with the times by taking irreversible changes for granted. Also, there is a perception that the legalization of such unions can have a positive impact on the economy. According to research at the University of Los Angeles, people preferring others of the same gender for relationshops earn 20% more than their counterparts with a traditional orientation – and therefore spend more. By the way, wedding in unions where both “participants” are of the same gender is more expensive (at least by 10%) than in ordinary families.

Marriage for Rights

Gaining Rights

Gays also claim that the bills will give them desired opportunity to become a full-fledged part of society. However, in most countries of the world, gay relationships are not prohibited and are not allowed legally at the same time, and their recognition on the legislative level is unlikely to significantly affect the views of the majority. Legal registration is necessary for today’s society for having many rules: to gain property and inheritance, to be a parent and have many other rights, without which it is very difficult to be a full member of society – so for “non-traditional” activists, there is something to fight for.

Need of Registration

Gays also, as well as heterosexuals, need to register a wedlock. Sometimes same-sex couples need it even more than the opposite-sex ones. Typically, homosexual units are not very strong, which is understandable: in a heterosexual union, there are two different origins – male and female, which compensate and counterbalance each other. The same-sex unions are deprived of this. However, the certificate provides not only property rights but also takes away the pressure of psychological commitment. Therefore, registration could keep many homosexual couples from breaking up.

Stop Discriminating

They struggle for having a respect for human rights in their connections In other words, it is against discrimination. Activists point out that the ban on the registration of the homosexual marriage violates the equality of citizens. Pre-existing prohibitions on the registration of marriages between people of different races, religions or social groups have been canceled long ago as an old-fashioned ban that does not match the development of society. Nowadays, they believe it is the time to review the intolerant conservative attitude towards gay marriage. LGBT activists believe that the attitude towards their movement, in general, is discriminative, and the agreement with the same-sex marriage is a real indicator of the level of civilization of a particular society in which they respect all human rights not selectively.

The growing prospects of gay units and the increase of cases of non-traditional alliances public figures make us think that the public does not ban such decisions.  According to forecasts of the Forbes magazine, the recognition of marriages for people of the same gender around the world will increase and it will be a natural phenomenon among men due to women’s lack. After analyzing all the issues, we see that having a “connection” certificate may be very important for gay couples and bring benefits for their life and the life of the country.

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Disadvantages of Gay Marriages: Ideas on the Issue

Gay Marriages

After discussing the upbringing of the children in non-traditional families, we decided to go through bad consequences of having such issue as a homosexual couple in our world and its negative impact. What can be a problem for the society after legalizing the same-sex marriage? Is it about the personal life of each person? Is it up to a person to decide to whom he or she disposes his time, mind, and body? May the decision of two adults about their own personal lives cause damages? We have provided some reasons why society should not legalize homosexual “marriages.” You can find the answers to these questions here and cover the same in your essay paper. For more information, click here!

Historical Background

Throughout the mankind history, wedlock has always been a union of opposite sexes. So as a union of a man and a woman, it has always been the basis of the social relations and guarantee of its continuation. The government decided to put it under the special protection to ensure its prosperity and stability. Society always puts a strong emphasis on such a union, protecting it by law and tradition. For thousands of years, the world of religion put relationships between a man and a woman to the highest level. Based on this, past and current legislation at all levels – from the local to the United Nations Organization – does not reflect this principle and is not aimed at protecting marriage between the two sexes. This has a special meaning!

Unique Unit

Male and Female

Heterosexual marriage is unique in sexes’ biological inter-complementarity. What exactly is marriage? What does exactly make marriage unique and special among the various human relationships and alliances? It is the only kind of relationship, which naturally leads to the creation of a newborn human, and through the stability and mutual commitment ensure better conditions for the education and growth. Sexual difference is a key component of the marriage. Two homosexuals or two lesbians cannot create a newborn human. Even if one of the lesbians performs artificial insemination, it still requires male participation as a sperm donor. A child born through artificial insemination still has a biological father, regardless of knowing him or not.

The Best Place to Raise Children

Happy Family

The traditional family is the best place to raise kids, and therefore the country is obliged to maintain it as a model to follow. Recent research has shown that the traditional family leads to better results in the education of children and gives children a special “social benefits.” One thing remains indisputable: the traditional family as the fruit of a voluntary union between one man and one woman – union, which excludes other people – is the ideal place for loving spouses and stable upbringing of the children.

Weaken Positions

Forgery always has the potential to devalue the real thing. A society that divides the real meaning of marriage opens the door to cultural destruction. Fake marriage will lead to the legalization of infinite unions of any kind. As soon as society endorses and legitimizes a certain pattern of behavior, the future generation will inevitably accept this behavior as acceptable.

The Same Rights

All citizens of different sexual orientation have the same rights as the general population of the country. The rights to live, have property, freedom of expression, education, citizenship, work and free choice of employment, peaceful assembly, and association, recreation, and leisure – all these rights protect them equivalent to other people. Also, the right to marry a member of another sex is against the traditional family. These rights belong to humanity and entered into the international and local laws. They are the basis of the laws of all countries. However, homosexual activists are trying to achieve new “special” rights, which must be specifically “tied” by their way of life. They are looking for a special privileged status in law. As soon as someone does not agree with their radical approach, they begin to claim aggressively that they are discriminated in our modern and progressive world.

Redefining Marriage

Once a person begins to interfere and break the traditional definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, he opens the door to an unstoppable flow of chaos in human relations. The emergence of various new non-traditional family structures has become a matter of time. If everything is based only on the individual decision of “loving people,” why do not we legalize polygamy, if people want it? Then the Muslims, and especially Arabs, eloquently stated that if the definition of marriage can be changed so easily and unnecessarily, so why not to include the polygamy? They asked a poignant question: why do same-sex unions, which are innovation, receive the protection of the law, and historical issue of having several wives at the same time remains illegal? Well then, representatives of radical feminism and other religions declare that there should be some special rights as well for them. Why do not we legalize the “family” between the two men and three women, if all the participants want to?

Gives More Hate

The legalization of the same-sex “marriage” leads to discrimination against those who disagree with a homosexual lifestyle. Any opposition is interpreted as promoting “homophobia” and hate. There are many examples. People spread hate without seeing it only because somebody had another opinion. It destroys relationships and creates a gap between “us” and “them.” Though, there is no us and them. It is just a different side of understanding of the issue. Nevertheless, people still have misunderstandings and sometimes do not tolerate with the members of traditional or non-traditional relationships.

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Kids in Same-Sex Families: Ideas on the Issue

Happy Gay Couple

After discussing a moral point of gay marriages, we decided to find out about raising kids in gay families, because this is also an important point to be mentioned in your argumentative paper. No matter how we treat homosexuals, kids who are living with parents of the same sex have become a daily reality. New forms of partnerships, couples with kids from different marriages, and the development of artificial fertilization technology – all these changes lead to the fact that the number of these kids are growing bigger. As they live in unusual families, what do they think about their origin and their parents? Are they upset or happy? Do they care? Are they generally different from other kids? We present our comments and thoughts by analyzing different investigations. For more information click here!

Pointless Dispute

Endless Discussion

When the public raises the question (or its one aspect) about the education of kids in untraditional couples, most often it is discussed whether parents can form their child’s sexual preferences. Psychologists and sexologists support a negative answer. This is evidenced, for example, by the research of the psychologist Frederick Bozett and his colleagues, who have been studying kids raised in same-sex pairs for a very long time. Their conclusion is that homosexual kids are often raised in the heterosexual families.

Arguments Against

However, we could also argue that kids in heterosexual families increasingly become pilots, Nobel laureates or serial killers. All this is a pure truth. Firstly, because the number of heterosexual couples is immeasurably greater. Secondly, because the study of this topic started only when the phenomenon of same-sex families was discussed openly. That is in the 1980s. It is a very short period of time for such serious conclusions. For the same reasons, we could trust such studies if they claimed that kids in homosexual couples live even better than in usual ones or in single-parent families. We deeply concern that sometimes a sexual orientation is not a defining factor for child’s happiness. It depends on mental stability and loyalty of its parents.

Problems with Adoption

Adoption by Gays

Adoption of a child in any country is not easy. Prospective parents should meet the criteria that will ensure safe and happy childhood in the new family. At the same time, kids do not always meet the needs of a traditional family: the may be too old or have some health problems. Such high requirements to the both sides lead to the fact that many orphans continue to live in shelters and orphanages. Non-traditional couples are ready to adopt kids with problems and even teenagers who are still waiting for family love and support.


Today, with the legalization of untraditional marriage in the US and some other countries, things have changed. Enjoy it or not. In society, as expected, yet there is no consensus. A generation of kids raised in same-sex families only starts to get on their feet and maintain a truly independent life. So now it is possible to deeply explore and assess the impact of such “unusual” childhood on the development of the child’s personality.

Psychologists and psychiatrists are trying to predict the future of adopted kids. Mainly, we are talking about what is more traumatic for the baby: to have a family with same-sex family (mom and mom or dad and dad) or not to have a family at all. Also, an important point should be taken into account: homosexual families are more likely to take up the adoption of sufficient adults and kids with serious chronic illnesses, that is of kids whose chances to get into a family are very low.

The Kid’s Outlook

Of course, under such family conditions, kids may have different outlook on the traditional family. They can think that love has no boundaries, so they may create a family with any person. In its turn, it can cause some discomfort among people, as it ruins traditional understanding of family in which kids are born. Such values ruin the demographic situation as well.

Yes, we are able to love who we want. But then giving a birth will become an unnatural process. And What will we say about getting pregnant?

Arguments Based on Research Outcomes

Today a lot of research was carried out on this matter. Many people say that there are few differences between the kids being brought up by heterosexual and same-sex couples. It should be noted that many kids who are living in homosexual families are related to one of the spouses. Kids stay with their mom or dad after previous relationship fail or are born in the same-sex unions by means of artificial insemination.

For example, studies of same-sex couples and their kids in Germany (2008) showed that about 48% of those kids were born in a homosexual family and 44% kids were from a previous marriage. At the same time, 89% of same-sex couples in Germany live without kids, but many of them are seeking for a chance to adopt one.

Researchers argue that the influence of parents on the child in such families is more positive than in the heterosexual families. So, homosexual parents express considerably less anger to point at child’s mistakes and punish it for bad behavior. The atmosphere in such families is warmer. This allows kids to express themselves freely.

Same-Sex Marriage

It seems as though there is no difference whether you have a regular family or one with same-sex couples. It is a hard work of schoolteachers and educators in kindergartens to provide the same-sex family child with a friendly learning environment. Although the question “Is it good or bad for kids to live in same-sex families?” still is not solved, every adult can answer for themselves what is better: to be an orphan, or to have foster homosexual parents.

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Gay Marriage and Morality

Free Love

We often follow stereotypes and prejudice it terms of gay marriages, non-traditional love, and relationships between people in general. Moreover, we are afraid of expressing our own thoughts and opinions, as we do not want to be criticized. However, many people, who have the so-called non-traditional sexual orientation, suffer from the silence we keep. Having a voice in such controversial questions helps them to not be ashamed of themselves, to feel normal and ordinary, to have the same rights.

Such benefits are provided in few countries, however. Gay marriages are not supported and people have to hide their inner feelings by faking them and pretending to be completely different from who they really want to be.

This article is dedicated to the issue of gay marriages and you can use it for writing your own essay on the similar topic. We will analyze it from the moral point of view and provide some brief views and facts that will help you to form your opinion. For more information, click here.

Is That “Unnatural”?

When people talk about the abnormality of gay marriage, they forget that the rule is largely determined by culture rather than by innate human nature. Throughout the history of our species, the family institution has had the features that would seem terrifying and immoral for us nowadays. Moreover, we are always under the pressure of religion and society opinions. So, it can create an uncomfortable environment for people who consider love relationships in a different way.

Why Do We Reject Them?

Homosexuality appeared many years ago, in ancient times, when people only discovered their ability to feel sexual interest towards the human beings of their own sex. Historians are concerned that gays have appeared in the wild communities of people where the attitude towards woman was disrespectful; they could beat and even eat them. That is why, after they had killed almost every woman in their community, the homosexual relationships became an ordinary thing.

The appearance of lesbians is connected with Greek mythology.

If talking about today’s understanding of gays and lesbians, these terms appeared in 19th-20th centuries and became a part of science and psychology concepts that are investigated nowadays.

More Coverage

Many modern peoples of Oceania and Africa have avunculate relations: family units in which the education of the child is provided not by the father (who usually does not live with his mother), but by the uncle of the child. With the mother he is involved into the up-bringing. Among peoples of America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa sororate is an existing thing; it is a custom that means marrying several sisters.  The examples of incestuous are not so rare: Homer in the “Odyssey” gives us an example of the ideal family of the king, and his seven sons married to his seven daughters. So, marriage is a cultural, not a biological concept. However, “In the world there is no nation that would authorize the union between two men!” exclaim critics.

Psychological Difference

The psychologist Gregory Herek from California University analyzed the examples of dozens of pairs both homo- and heterosexual. He came to the conclusion that the basic psychological characteristics are quite similar: both sets of partners experience the same feelings. It does not matter what gender you identify yourself with, if you can express your care, and provide your sweetheart with an emotional support. A well-known researcher of the phenomenon of homosexuality, John Gottman, goes even further, claiming that partners in same-sex couples relate to each other in a much warmer way. Moreover, according to Herek, a measure of happiness that people feel in a marriage often does not relate to the sexual sphere completely, and the other factors also need to be taken into account.

Science Knows Too Little

Advocates of gay rights often use slogans instead of arguments based on scientific facts. “Same-sex marriage is as normal as marriage between a man and a woman,” “Children of the same-sex couple are as happy as of the ordinary one!” Fans of these “chants” usually do not have the psychological education and never read scientific articles on this subject. Even newspaper articles and popular books on the subject are often written by authors that are poorly versed in it.

The sociologist Steven Rhodes of the University of Virginia (USA) has studied dozens of publications on education for same-sex marriages and issued a disappointing verdict. First, he could not find a single article where one or several statements regarding the theory or education would be. Second, none of the articles can be called strictly appropriate due to scientific criteria. Meanwhile, science knows very little about the phenomenon of homosexuality and even less about how to behave with children raised in the same-sex families. After all, even in countries where same-sex marriages are legal, they have been legalized relatively recently, and scientists cannot have any detailed data concerning children brought up in such families.

Normal Specialization of the Sexes

Destruction of Traditions

The legalization of gay and lesbian marriages is another step in the destruction of the traditional gender roles that existed in the Stone Age, says the social researcher, Steve Nock. Studies show that men and women feel happier in their normal family unit. Marriages, where the roles cannot be settled at first (partners have to make a deal), appear more problematic, and develop the new way to destruct the old good order the people live in.

In addition, the destruction of the old gender roles will cause a huge number of “untamed” men in society who will avoid marriage simply because they feel uncomfortable in it. Such men will not be ready to build a career or to have children. They will lead an asocial life, and sooner or later they will become a growing threat to the society.

To conclude, the moral point of gay marriages is quite tricky. We can give a lot of arguments, historical and sociological investigations to protect such people; however, there is no doubt that they represent a different side of relationships, which can destroy the traditional ones.