Also known as virgin hair, these hair extensions have been quite dominant in the Malaysian market as well. The main reason why the hair extensions of Malaysia have been significant is because, when compared to the products of other countries, the Malaysian hair extensions can order hair extensions online are generally thicker, heavier and are more dense. Also the hair is really soft and impressively silky.

Virgin hair, that are available from Malaysia, are relatively newer in the market. Due to this their prices may be a bit higher than the others. These extensions can be an ideal choice for all those who are looking for curvy or at least wavy hair. The sole disadvantage is that the hair is found in only dark shades. However these one-kind-of -shades rarely matter when compared to their offered softness and the silky texture.

The Malaysian straight hair extensions also attain an important place. These extensions like the other kinds of stuff, are easily available in the real as well as in the online market. Shopping sites like, along with many others have been leading the online market for the supply of these extensions.

These Malaysian straight hair extensions are largely available in these shopping sites in either 3-4 pieces, or 4-5 or even up to 10 pieces. Undoubtedly when purchased online, it would be indeed a good decision. This is because while most of the local dealers may supply fake hair, the online sites only deliver original products. Barring this, the extensions found in these sites are really silky and shiny, as original Malaysian straight hair should be. Of course the prices are bound to vary depending on the brands and the quantity.

Before purchasing these virgin hair it is really important not to get lured away with inexpensive prices. For getting the right hair, especially the straight ones, it is better to make any purchase only after consulting a good hair stylist.

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