Different Spices

You know, writing can be easily compared with cooking. It is less dangerous, however. Well, all those ovens, knives, even blenders – you do not need them when you are writing a college essay or some other paper.

Still, it is equally stressful: even if you are sure you have done everything perfectly, you cannot boast of having a 100% guarantee that your reader will like it. Just like when you are serving an outstanding blueberry pie, there may be someone who does not like blueberries. Or who has an allergy to them.

Nowadays you have to be more flexible and adaptable to the tastes of your audience, whether we mean your professors or visitors of your blog now. It does not mean that you are expected to know what they want to read, what opinions they share, what patterns of behavior they can never accept and the like.

If we apply the blueberry metaphor here again, it means that you should present the info so skillfully that those who may not like it can gulp it easily anyway. What about those who have the allergy? Well, offer them some alternative.

Easier said than done, isn’t it? So, let’s find out how to add flavor to your writings, what language spices can and cannot be combined, how to serve your works…I could continue, but I believe our team bloggers can do it better in their posts.

Check out what we are going to learn here!

Controversial Issues into Your Essays and Articles

Religion, race, drugs, politics are too hot topics for a peaceful friendly discussion. Whether you want it or not, when you are developing one of these and some other themes, you will bring yourself to the point in which you will have no way out but to deal with a controversy. To be more precise, you will have to introduce your own view on the matter.

We are going to do some research into such complex issues and provide you with some interesting info on them. Follow our updates and learn how to talk about the things people prefer to keep silence about.

References to Science and Statistics

Scientific facts and stats can stand you in a good stead, especially when you are writing something argumentative or persuasive. However, in order to insert them into your writing, you should first find them and make out what is what and why it is so.

We have approached this issue seriously, so we are going to provide you with compelling, smartly organized and valid facts and numbers, which you can use in your reports, articles or even sci-fi novellas! (Who knows where we might need our knowledge?)

What About a Pinch of Personal Experience

We will discuss the issue of author’s personality in different types of writing. You will learn how to express yourself (or one of your many selves), how to guide your reader through your experience and make them realize what they can learn from you.

Theater Masks

Fantasy vs. Lies

If used wisely, fantastic elements can add that pleasant tang to your creative writing. But creating them requires deep knowledge of the real world. An invented story can work well unless it is absolute nonsense. We will discover how to use fantasy rationally when you are working in this or that genre, so it does not just turn into bitter lies.

Tricking Readers: Is It Really That Dishonest

How to understand the audience? What do those people want from you? How to make them put more likes and keep reading your blog? The human factor always makes everything more challenging, that’s true. However, you cannot eliminate it, so you should base your undertaking on it and adjust to it. And we are here to tell you how to do it!

Writing Hints for Students, Teachers, Authors, Everybody

We are going to update our creative blog with more and more tips on crafting successful essays, exciting stories and any other writings you can think of at the moment.

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